Why should you choose to incorporate hypnosis when developing people in your business?

The thought of Hypnosis is not always positive, and we have stage performers and movies that portray it as a form of mind control to thank for that. But that is far from the truth. In fact, hypnosis is becoming more accepted as a valid tool due to its ability to enhance performance and change unwanted behaviours easily and effortlessly. The more people learn about what hypnosis is and how it works, the more they see a legitimate tool for removing emotional triggers and improving behaviours and cognitive processes.

What exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that allows a greater ability to influence a persons thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Contrary to what is portrayed on stage or in the movies, the conscious mind is still on guard so only suggestions that meet a persons morals and values will be received by the subconscious mind. If someone was asked to do something that conflicted with their morals and values then the conscious mind jumps right in and breaks the hypnotic connection.

Some people belief that they will not be in control while under hypnosis but that is not the case. Hypnosis is not about being asleep nor does it remove control from an individual. People are still able to move, speak, think and interact cognitively while in a hypnotic state.

There are varying types of hypnotic states that are experienced by people every day, the trance you get in when driving a car is a good example. Ever been driving somewhere to notice that you have taken the wrong turn and are heading towards work rather than the restaurant you have dinner reservations at? How about getting lost in a good book where you feel like you are in the world being betrayed through the text? These are two good examples of where your conscious mind has stepped aside to allow you to become guided by your subconscious mind. And that is exactly what happens during hypnosis.

What examples show the benefit of hypnotherapy as an enhancement tool?

Hypnotherapy has been used for years to improve sporting abilities through visualisation and positive neurological programming. There are many published peer reviewed studies that show the confirm how beneficial hypnosis is on improving performance and desired behaviours.

In addition to the literature out there, there are also real life examples of where the use of hypnotherapy has complimented the success of sporting teams, athletes and celebrities in achieving greatness.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Chicago White Sox worked with a hypnotherapist in their 1983 season and made the playoffs
  • Tiger Woods has been using a hypnotherapist since the age of 13 to help him focus, visualise and remove any mental distractions during his tournaments leading to him becoming one of the greatest golfers of all time
  • Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts both engaged in hypnosis to combat cases of stuttering that resulting in them getting key acting roles that bolstered their careers
  • Michael Jordan incorporate hypnosis into is training program to heighten his mental stamina and enhance his focus during his games
  • Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant used hypnosis for skills enhancement resulting in better aim, increased energy, and heightened skill during basketball games

So how does hypnosis fit into the corporate world?

Businesses across the globe are always looking for a way to gain a competitive edge over their rivals where engagement of their people are concerned. They have done this through employee benefit schemes, attraction and retention incentives and more recently by allowing flexible working arrangements to improve work-life balance.

But businesses rarely think about how they can assist their employees in creating a personal change in themselves that will then flow into a benefit for the business. Hypnosis can do exactly that. Working with people to improve the behaviours and performance in the workplace flows through into the every day lives of employees. The benefits at work are increased productivity, creativity,  decreased incidents, presenteeism and improvements in relationships and team effectiveness. Using hypnosis to improve the cognitive responses in employees enhances the overall wellbeing of the work environment and improves retention of employees as people feel connected on a deeper level to employers who are taking the time to invest in their overall wellbeing.

Just think, if your employer helped you to feel valued and enough in and out of the workplace, how do you think your loyalty and drive to help them succeed would look?

Does hypnosis need to be facilitated one-on-one or can it be done in group settings?

No, not necessarily. Hypnosis delivers results in both group and one-on-one settings. Get Up and Grow Consulting often facilitate group sessions and receive the same level of positive feedback as that of sessions with individuals.

If you are interested in learning more about how Get Up and Grow Consulting can assist your business, team or club then email admin@getupandgrowconsulting.com.au or schedule a discovery call here.

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Niomi Hurley

Niomi specialises in behavioural and social elements of positive psychology. She has developed a unique approach that merges the practices behind traditional psychological theories with energy science to help people increase passion, focus, and accountability.

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