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About Our Corporate Services

The sciences that form the foundation of traditional behavioural psychological and non-traditional modalities are combined in a unique way to develop connection and positive energy in the workplace helping your organisation thrive on an individual and group level.

The programs delivered differ from your usual training program in that Niomi uses her experience in Organisational Psychology to work both consciously and subconsciously to fuse in long-lasting results that enhance conscious leadership, inclusivity, psychological safety, retention/attraction of key personnel and cohesive contributions from teams. This level of change is a result from re-framing, not just training and will level up your business, giving you a recognisable edge of your competitors through increased productivity, reduced incidents and greater loyalty and commitment to the organisation. 

These programs will bring about unbelievable results by balancing the heart and head of your organisation while setting positive psychology in employees at all levels.

Programs can be facilitated in-person or virtually through Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Services include:

· Leadership Psychology and Development Programs

· On-site One on One Therapeutic Consultations

· Workplace Psychological Safety (Training and Risk Assessment) Programs

· Cultural Change Programs

“Knowing how to lead people is one step, but understanding the psychology behind how and why people behave the way they do allows you to set up an environment where people thrive and flourish.”

-Niomi Hurley

Our Corporate Services


Leadership Psychology & Development Programs

Leadership success if made up of 80% skill and 20% Psychology.

By tapping into the mountains of research being conducted into social and behavioral psychology over the years, this program will give your leaders information, hints, tools and techniques on elements of leadership psychology that will allow them to better understand and influence the people around them. While also gaining a great understanding of themselves and how they can serve more effectively. Understanding how to effectively influence people in the organisation will not only improve leadership capacity but also result in increased collaboration, communication and performance. 

Additional to this program, we are able to conduct 360 degree feedback investigations from all key stakeholders to help identify areas of strength and areas that can be focused on to assist the development of leadership capacity within your team or organisation.  


Onsite One on One Therapeutic Consultations

Personalised support and accountability can do a world of wonders in business and in life.

Niomi and her colleagues will work as your ‘Onsite Support’ for employees who need to reach out to someone to talk to. Most companies have an EAP, but employees find that it can take weeks, or even months, to get in for an appointment. That is if they even feel comfortable to reach out to do so.

By having someone onsite and available for one on one Therapeutic Consultations, employees are able to effectively deal with any pressing issues there and then so that they can get their mind back on the job. It also acts to reduce stigma around talking with someone about mental or life stressors and creates a sound psychologically safe environment for employees to speak up and express themselves.

Employees with a clear mind work more productively, collaboratively and are involved in less workplace incidents and accidents.


Workplace Psychological Safety (Training & Risk Assessment) Programs​

A psychologically healthy and safe workplace is one that promotes employee’s psychological well-being and proactively endeavours to prevent harm to employee’s psychological health. Training employees on the psychological safety considerations within the workplace is the first step in establishing a workplace that actively works at reducing psychosocial hazards that pose a risk to the psychological safety of employees.

You can’t manage what you are not aware of! In order to determine what systems need to be developed and what controls needs to be implemented you first need to assess the risk the business faces from psychosocial hazards. Risk Assessment Services are designed to not only identify hazards but also highlight the systems, policies and practices that can be implemented to ensure your business is able to function with minimal risk and maximum productivity.


Cultural Change Programs

The right culture has many applications within each business improving leadership capacity, collaboration, communication, performance and well being. Niomi will deliver re-framing training sessions with your team(s) that tackle areas that you would like to enhance within your business.

Topics will be customised to the businesses unique needs or can be selected from the following specialty areas: Reducing Workplace Stress, Increased Performance / Motivation, Delivery of Difficult Conversations, Diversity and Inclusion, Effective Communication, Effective Performance Management of Individuals & Teams, Conscious Leadership or a topic of your choice. Niomi is also able to assist with business and strategic planning processes in your business or team.


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