Get Up and Grow Consulting

Get Up and Grow Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance both personal and organisational well-being and performance. Our offerings are structured across four main pillars:

·       Corporate Services

·       Individual Services

·       Keynote Speaking

·       Courses and Events

We cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking personal growth and transformation to corporations aiming to elevate their team’s performance and organisational health. Our approach integrates advanced training, coaching, therapeutic interventions, and leadership development, all underpinned by the principles of organisational psychology. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, our services address challenges at every stage of personal or business development.

Our expertise in social and behavioral psychology enables us to delve deep into the underlying causes of issues, crafting bespoke programs that reshape behaviors, beliefs, and emotions. This process not only fosters immediate improvements but also secures lasting benefits, enhancing productivity, loyalty, and commitment within organisations.

Our ideal partners in growth are business leaders, managers, and executives who prioritise continuous improvement, possess an open mindset, and are committed to fostering success within their teams. Our clients are already achievers in their respective fields but recognise the value of ongoing development and are receptive to innovative strategies that blend conventional psychological insights with spiritual and energetic dimensions. This holistic approach sets them apart from competitors, boosting team productivity and overall organisational vitality.

Founded by Niomi Hurley in 2009, our practice evolved from its initial focus on HR consultancy to a broader spectrum of Organisational Psychology strategies, encompassing HR, culture enhancement, safety, productivity, and well-being, in 2021. This expansion reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that support the entire lifecycle of business and personal development.



To develop partnerships and customised programs that are realised throughout the corporate sector as the most effective way to develop, coach, mentor and support the people element of businesses to reach their full potential. 


To spark curiosity, awareness and growth in individuals that empowers them to move towards self-actualisation and achieve more than they believed was previously possible or available to them. 


·       Authenticity
Striving to align all behaviours with our core values and beliefs to act in sync with our true selves.

·       Honesty
Being sincere, truthful, and fair while ensuring all actions are free from deceit or deception.

·       Integrity
Acting ethically and doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.

·       Collaboration
Realising that the best results come from a collective meeting of brilliant minds.

·       Excellence
Producing outstanding results in all that we do.

·       Quality

Delivering a quality high end service that demonstrates accountability and results.


About Niomi

Niomi Hurley

Throughout her distinguished career in HR and HSE management, Niomi Hurley has consistently recognised the pivotal role of people in organisational success. Her profound understanding of individual behaviors, attitudes, and motivations is a testament to her deep insight and empathy. 

Niomi’s dedication to bolstering her intuitive and experiential knowledge with formal education is evident in her pursuit of a Master’s in Business Psychology, complementing her impressive array of qualifications, including:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • Diploma in Quality Auditing
  • Diploma in Work Health Safety
  • Certification in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)®
  • Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Niomi’s journey has taken her through diverse industries and roles, where she has observed a consistent truth: aligning personal energy and fostering confidence in individuals is a catalyst for transformative improvements in workplace dynamics and business outcomes. Under her mentorship, environments become vibrant with creativity and collaboration, propelling businesses to exceed their objectives and individuals to rediscover their passion and purpose, both professionally and personally.

Her commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement extends well beyond her formal credentials. What truly distinguishes Niomi is her empathetic, personable nature, and her capacity to tap into her spiritual and energetic insight to deeply connect with and positively impact those she works with. Niomi’s holistic approach, blending rigorous academic training with her intuitive understanding of spiritual and energetic dynamics, ensures profound and lasting benefits for all who engage with her services.

Community Engagement & Support

Niomi is a proud member of the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce where she delivers short webinars and serves the South West Leaders Program on the Executive Committee as well as a mentor.

Niomi has a strong focus on community engagement and is an integral part of Not For Profit / School groups such as:

Eaton Primary School Board




Eaton Community College School Board


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More About Niomi Hurley and the Evolution of Get up and Grow Consulting

Niomi has always loved working closely with people, mentoring and coaching them through her leadership positions. And after seeing the effects her work had on team members and businesses over the years, she knew she was onto something.

And so, her journey began when she learned how to fuse her corporate experiences and passion for helping people step into their fullest potential into a whole new business model. 

Niomi specialises in the behavioural and social components of positive psychology. She has developed a unique approach that merges the practices behind traditional psychological theories with energy science to help people increase passion, focus, and accountability to not only deliver outstanding results in the workplace but also in one’s life.

Niomi now works with businesses as a corporate human behaviour specialist and with individuals as a therapist achieving long-lasting results in both areas. 

Niomi also keeps herself busy developing and facilitating online courses, workshops and forums that are aimed at improving both corporate and personal goals of individuals.

Niomi is also a seasoned and engaging keynote speaker and delivers presentations on workplace psychological safety, behavioural and social psychology concepts, leadership, and enhancing wellbeing, to both in-person and online audiences.

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