Catching the Octopus Podcast

About Catching the Octopus Podcast

The ‘Catching the Octopus‘ podcast has been created as a platform to help leaders, business owners and achievers tap into the inner secrets to success. It aims to showcase not only successful strategies and mindset that lead to shifting from good to great, but also how influential our own inner connections are at propelling us there. Strategies and mindset give us clarity on what to do in order to achieve, but it is who we become that elevates us to the highest possible level. Although this is not a wellbeing podcast, it will touch on aspects of how success is not always just pushing forward, but also how it relies strongly on reflection inward. It will be reframing success and achievement to become more than just a desired shift from surviving to thriving and will focus on how we can develop a business, career or life that is flourishing in all aspects.  

Why is it called Catching the Octopus Podcast?

An Octopus operates in a way that relies on communication between the brain, body and environment (also known in psychology as embodied cognition). It is not solely driven by the thoughts or habits of the brain, or controlled by emotional experiences, rather it uses an intuitive intelligence that comes from a place where mind, body and world mutually interact. Creating a flourishing life is conducive to gaining control over our thoughts, behaviours and emotions. The ability to do this is strongly connected to that awareness of self, intuition and how the mind, body and world are connected. When we ‘Catch the Octopus’, we have awareness of and feel the connection to something bigger than us, allowing us to gain control of our outer world, through that innate ability to control our inner world.  

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