The Art of Bouncing Back – ‘Feel and Deal’

The art of bouncing back is basically the ability to effectively manage the emotions that arise throughout change and the challenges that life throughs our way. Life, as we know it, is a rollercoaster of events so how do we turn our obstacles into opportunities for gratitude and personal development?

As humans, not robots, we encounter various thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that intertwine and affect our daily lives. This intricate dance of the mind and heart often leads us into uncharted territories of discomfort and chaos. But here’s the thing – it’s in these moments of turbulence that we truly grow.

Our lives are governed by three core aspects – our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviours. When these are in harmony, we thrive. But when they’re not, we find ourselves in a spin. Experiencing this myself is how I came up with the mantra “heal and deal”. It’s about acknowledging our feelings, sitting with them, and then taking action to move forward.

In the whirlwind of life changes, it’s essential to recognise our thresholds. There’s a fine line between comfort and the discomfort that stretches and challenges us. When we cross into the realm of significant change, it can feel overwhelming, but it’s also a chance for profound personal growth.

Feeling is the key element to healing by truly experiencing the spectrum of emotions that life throws at us. Whether it’s joy, sadness, or frustration, each emotion has a place and a purpose. But, as crucial as it is to feel, it’s equally important not to dwell there too long. This is where ‘dealing’ comes in – taking actionable steps to move beyond our current state.

I’ve been there, in the midst of emotional chaos, knowing all the tools yet feeling too overwhelmed to use them. The key is awareness and the willingness to halt the negative loops of thought that present themselves during the chaos. It’s about finding those small actions that bring clarity and relief, be it writing down your thoughts, connecting with nature, mindfulness, meditation, energy healing or tapping into your support system.

As leaders, acknowledging our emotional states is crucial not just for our well-being but also for how we interact with our teams. We need to acknowledge that we are not robots and that our emotional state plays through within our roles as leaders. In addition to this, it is also acknowledging that we are not alone. The members of our team are also in the same boat. So to effectively lead during times where our employees are challenged emotionally we need to create a space where empathy and understanding are paramount. Recognising that everyone has their battles, we can lead with more compassion and effectiveness.

Life’s challenges are universal. We all face them, and how we respond to them defines our journey. Remember, it’s not about eliminating the challenges, it is about navigating our way through them. If you’re going through a tough time, remember my mantra: “feel and deal.” Give yourself the space to feel, but don’t forget to take steps towards your healing and growth.

If you’re in a leadership role and find yourself or your team struggling, remember that it’s okay to seek help. Whether it’s through counselling, psychotherapy, reaching out to your EAP or approaches like Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), finding what works for you is key. And remember, it’s not just about dealing with personal challenges, emotions can also arise during major (and sometimes minor) organisational changes, so it is important that we are ensuring ourselves and our team are equipped to handle them.

If you want to hear more about this, then tune into Episode 47 of the Catching the Octopus Podcast. You can access it through YouTube or any of the major podcast streaming platforms.

If you would like to find out more about how RTT may be able to assist you with removing blocks or managing emotions more effectively then review the RTT Page on my website and schedule yourself in for a discovery call.

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Niomi Hurley

Niomi specialises in behavioural and social elements of positive psychology. She has developed a unique approach that merges the practices behind traditional psychological theories with energy science to help people increase passion, focus, and accountability.

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