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Working with Businesses and Individuals to Deliver Meaningful Change

My mission is to help businesses and individuals to connect better to themselves and their individual capabilities, igniting their energy and creating lasting, beneficial change.
FOUNDER - Niomi Hurley

About Get up and Grow Consulting

Our Founder, Niomi, spent most of her career working in HR Management and HSE Management roles and has now shifted into working with both businesses and individuals. The behaviours, attitudes and motivators of people have always been understood on a deep level by Niomi, resulting in her passion to serve others at her highest level. 

Niomi is a continuous learner and has a list of formal qualifications but what really sets her apart from the rest is her personable, empathetic nature and her ability to connect inward when serving those around her. She has a degree in HR, a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Psychology which she compliments with her intuitive nature and knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, bringing exceptional results when working with her clients. 

Each team member representing Get Up and Grow Consulting has been individually trained and mentored by Niomi to ensure consistency in approach and delivery of all services.

Our Services

What We're Known For

Niomi works with businesses as a Human Behaviour Specialist with a strong focus on improving leadership, workplace psychological safety, organisational culture and workplace wellbeing. She also works with individuals as a Therapist, facilitating therapeutic consultations, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Past Life Regression & Soul InterLife Sessions. She has proven to deliver long lasting results in all areas. 

Therapy & Coaching Services

The services provided by Niomi tap into the subconscious/soul to uncover the root cause of the presenting problems within your life.

Corporate Services

These programs will bring about unbelievable results through balancing psychology and energy science to create meaningful change in your organisation.

Courses and

Engaging a keynote speaker for your next meeting or event is the perfect way to inspire your team with an empowering message.

Where We Have Added Value

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

-Nelson Mandela


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