Rock Solid Resilience Workshop

7am (AWST) Thursday 27th April 2023
Online via ZOOM

It is 100% certain that life will move between periods of ups (where everything is going well) and periods of downs (where things end up not going so well).

"Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected.” ~ Jamais Cascio 

Are you sick and tired of dwelling on your problems, becoming irritable, quick to anger, have trouble sleeping, have a low mood or even poor memory. These are all symptoms of poor resilience and can be reduced, and in some cases eliminated, through improved resilience and coping skills. 

‘Rock Solid Resilience’ allows you to effectively navigate through, and cope with, unexpected changes and challenges in your life. Building a ‘Rock Solid Resilience’ is the best way to reduce the suffering that comes from the down cycles that life tends to throw our way.

This online workshop will cover:

  • How influences from your subconscious mind affect your response and reaction to situations
  • How to identify resilience risk factors currently present in your inner world and external environment
  • How to use positive psychology (PERMA Model) to transform those risk factors and improve areas that foster strong resilience 
  • Hypnotic meditation to embed in learnings and kick start the resilient thinking pathways 

Registration Option 1

✔️ Live access to the online workshop 


Registration Option 2

✔️ Live access to the online workshop

✔️ 1 month access to replay video of the live session 



Meet your facilitator

Niomi Hurley
Corporate Human Behaviour Specialist / Clinical Hypnotherapist
Get Up and Grow Consulting

As a new employer, this program delivered! I know that this program will be instrumental in helping me create a safe, positive workplace for my employees. You will lean some very surprising insights into human behaviour, receive lots of helpful tools and tips to understand and influence people in your spheres and for those who love learning and growing - this is for you!

It felt like everything finally clicked for me. I have tried goal setting for years but thinking about the worst case scenario part made me feel like this time I can actually achieve my goals, as I am motivated not to live that scenario!

I took so many things away from the course. Overall, every little topic we needed to cover impacted me heavily in life. My work ethic has altered in a more positive, manageable way.